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OK, its complex and a bit messy but possible…

Groups: 2 x Mono; 5 x stereo
FX: 8 x mono
Aux 2 x Mono; 4 x stereo
Matrix: 10 x Mono

Bass into 1 mono group
K/S into next mono group

route your stereo group sources (Metal, toms, Guitars & Vox) into the 4 stereo groups with no processing so you can pan happily
then feed the outputs of the groups into the mono Matrices and put your compression on the matrices.

set your Matrices to DCA 11 and your DCA 10 for all channels.

the problem is now combining these Matrices to FOH…
assign the matrix outputs to individual outputs and patch (with XLR cables) these into input channels (you could also use surface connections for this).

then route these “Matrix inputs” ONLY to the 5th stereo group and the out put of THAT is your FOH output.

It would be a lot easier if there was a more sophisticated patching system. Alternatively you could use a Summing Console to bring all the matrices together.

Also, consider where your FX returns are going to be routed especially the drum FX.

Finally, you still have some Aux outputs for foldback / IEM, OB or whatever.

“where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

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