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Hi Sam, and thank you for your swift response to my questions.

Hopefully there will be a “Clear Mix/PAFL/Select”-function in a future firmware update, if technically possible. I can live with it the way it is for now, but it certanly keeps me on my toes [:p]

My question #3, regarding the FX return “ON” funtion to it’s own send; It seems that this is still not resolved.
I checked my firmware (which was/is V1.02 (OS V2.09), and loaded the default template, experiencing the same issue.
Just to make you (and me) happy i reinstalled the latest firmware (1.02, freshly downloaded from your site) and tried again. But the FX5 return can still be sent to the FX5 input if one is not careful. I have not checked FX 6-8 to see if the problem is similar on all extra effects. My guess is that the preprogrammed effects (1-4) is set up the “right” way, but someone has forgotten to do this on the 5-8 FX’s which are not active as default when loading the L&R template.
This is no biggie, but now you know [:)]

I tried your tip abaout routing the USB playback directly to the mains, and it works fine, thanks! Though it could be a little loud when the Master is set to 0db, even with the “trim” all the way down. And the trim will also affect other sources, or am I mistaking?

What i really did not specify in my question was that i still would like to have the USB playback volume on faders, if possible(?), without using the same faders as for an analog input. My bad.

Thanks for your time, and for making what so far seems to be a good product. I hope there is an “in depth” manual coming soon to tell us about all the tips and tricks of the console. There are still a few functions that is not described anywhere. For all i know there could be a PacMan-game hiding in there somewhere if you just push the right buttons [;)]

FOH tech.