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Hi Volum


1: Is there a way to make the PAFL-meters (L/R M) on the console to show PFL gain before compressor? I have tried every tweak (I think) in the setup, but they are always post the compressors makeup-gain. (I know I can see the PFL in the “Meters section on the display, but I would like it to be present also at the LED’s next to the compressor buttons on the console).

If you Press and hold the SEL button on each processing stage you can monitor from that specific point in the signal chain, post processing. example if you want to hear the signal Post PEQ Pre, Compressor hold down the PEQ SEL to monitor that part of the signal chain.


2: I find it confusing to not have a “solo clear”-button, or “home”-button that clears all the selected MIX, PAFL and Select’s that I have chosen for different channels. I tried to set it up in the “Soft key assign”, but it does not work as intended if you have checked for the “Additive mode” in Setup.
Confusion comes quickly when navigating away from a layer/bank with one or more buttons selected, and then you have to search trough every layer and bank to find the ones that are lit… Or is it a workaround for this?

I’m afraid there is not currently a specific option for clearing all MIX/PAFL/SEL’s.


3: In the effects departement I found that if you add another reverb (ie nr. 5) this will be set up with the ability to send the loop back to its own input, because the default setting for the reverb return channel ON/OFF switch is set to “ON”. Maybe this should be reprogrammed in the next firmware update, or am I missing something here (also)?

This has been resolved in v1.02 are you running the latest firmware?


4: When I check my logfile I see that every time i turn the console on it says that the AR2412 “lost audio sync clock” one or two seconds after startup-time. Is this normal, or en error on my console?

This is a known issue and will be fixed for future firmware.


5: What is the difference between the two USB-ports?

There no differences between the 2 USB ports on the surface.


6: Can i choose to send my recording to the lower USB-port, while playback from the upper?

No, I am afraid this is not possible.


7: Is there a way to route USB playback directly to the main mix without using faders for two of the physical inputs on the desk?

Yes this is possible, SEL the mains, go to the processing view on the touchscreen and select Ext Input. Then select your source to be USB.


8: And last but not least: Can you please hurry with the iPad app? Coming from the Presonus SL 24 I have spoiled the bandmembers by letting them use their own iPads and iPhones to adjust their own monitor-mix, and they just love it.


Sam A&H