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Don’t think I can ust use two mono groups panned hard left and right because:
1. The idea is to have various sources (say for example a number of guitars, electro and DI’d acoustics) feeding one group which is then treated with compression.
2. So if I used 2 mono groups, panned hard left and hard right, the level from the source to each of these groups is no longer controlled by the pan on the source but simply turned on or off using the mix button. Given that all the guitar sources would feed into both left and right mono groups, I’m back to square one in that all source effect any compression applied to the group by an equal amount.
3. (And in the process I’ve lost the ability to PAN the sources)
I think I might have to stick with the stereo group and compromise by tweaking on the sources when necessary. The Dave Rat idea sounded so slick as this maintains relative levels but always gives vocals space in top and yet give QUICK access to tighten up thinks when required. Unless anyone else can suggest an alternative.
BTW – well chuft with the iLive in every respect – just wish I’d gone for the T112 for the extra faders.