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Hi All,

another working setup, with IP-Adresses set up like recommended by Allen&Heath:

D-Link DIR-815 H/W Ver.: A1, F/W.: 1.03
– IP-Adress:
– Subnetmask:
– DHCP-Server enabled
– DHCP IP-Adress Range: 100 to 199
– DHCP Lease Time: 10080
– Multicast Stream enabled
– Wireless Enhanced Mode

Allen&Heath iLive MixRack iDR-48:
– IP-Adress:
– Subnetmask:

Allen&Heath iLive Surface T-112:
– IP-Adress:
– Subnetmask:

Allen&Heath iLive Touchscreen:
– IP-Adress:
– Subnetmask:

Apple MacBook Pro 3,1 OSX 10.5.8:
– IP-Adress:
– Subnetmask:

Apple MacBook Pro 10,1 OSX 10.8.2:
– IP-Adress:
– Subnetmask:

Apple iPhone 4S iOS 6:
– IP-Adresse:
– Subnetmaske:
– HTTP-Proxy: Manual
– Server: a
– Port: 1
– Auth: Off

Tested last week and running without Problems.
Router and iLive-Components have static IP-Adresses, iOS-Devices and Laptops get their adresses from the Router’s DHCP-Server.

This is the Setup I’m discussing with the Apple-Support.
So I recommend to try this setup, if another setup isn’t working.
If there are still problems, I’ll forward them to the Apple-Support.

…and please correct me, if this isn’t the Allen&Heath-recommended setup.