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Hallo finally !!!! Yessss !!!!

Ok I did everything right with the workaround. At first I did not put in the DNS, then I put it in and then the ipad showed me it connected to my router (the little ((( markings on the top) great, but I could not connect to the ilive because I got disconnectet every 15 seconds…. I tried and tried the whole day. In the end I did the work around again step bey step… nothing…. got disconnected again…. Next day….. there it was, I guess I just had to reboot the i live and my router…. it worked, I guess changing all the settings gets the ilive, router or whatever confiused.

So here my settings

WiFi Static

Ip Address (you can choose free)
Subnet Mask
Router (like recomended)
DNS (like recomended- this I didn’t need before)

HTTP Proxy Manual

Server a (like recomended)
Port 1 (like recomended)
Authentication Off (this is not the password for the router)

Did a reboot as follows….. 1st i Live IDR….. 2nd Router……..3rd i Pad (G2)

And there it was. So far it is stable I had it run for a couple days several hours a day. Everything like before iOS 6.

Hope that helps… even though Allen Heath explained everything in the workaround, but I guess sometimes 100 times reading it does not work, it 101 times to get it….