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Thanks for your replys

I have now restart the surface and mix rack, Firmware 1.83

The unwanted fx mute is not solved, I noticed additional problems instead :(
Once the kick and sub-fx sound I move over to the bassgit. The bass and kick use the same sub-fx. The bass sub-fx does not work… I mute/unmute the bass ch. until the sub-fx sound togheter with the bass. Now it all seems good, but… the problem is that the kick sub-fx stoped working while I was working with the bass…

Ooops, what is happening right now???
While I writing this letter I notised that the sub-fx turned off by itself… (3 min later) ok, there it is, its back again… (2 min later) No, now its gone.

Is this sub-fx a free trial or what? [:D]
It is a timer on it!!! [}:)]

Allen & Heath ILIVE R72,IDR-32, wl by Cisco.