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Using a iDR32 and a T112/Mixpad we had a problem during a show where the noise level were really high for all channels and when changing gain on the channel i would get a pop every time the table switched LEDs (those who represent the gain level), this was also still left when i plugged out the table and just ran the mixpad app. Anyone had any problems with this?

I wasn’t able to reproduce this error today when i tried but i did find one thing. When applying phantom to a channel i get a pop as usual but then when padding on/off i also start getting pops. Then when i switch the phantom off i still get pops from padding but after a while they stop. I guess this could have something to do with the condenser that take a while to charge out and thus leave the pops a while after. Correct?

That’s right, condenser mics need some time to “uncharge”


Also when driving the gain hard i ofcourse get a high noise level but when i pad the channel i still get the same noise level. Since I’m hearing a little click from the iDR32 (from the box, not through the PA) I guess it’s a mechanical switch that switches on the pad. Is this correct?

Yes, it’s mechanical


All the testing I did today was without anything plugged in on the inputs of theese channels. Is this wrong? Should I have something plugged in when testing this?

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