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Hello, dealer for Allen & Heath in the USA here. I have recently installed a GLD system into a church and a few problems have come up. Installed system is currently a GLD80 surface, AR2412 stage box, and a AR84 expander (currently on back order). CAT5E cable run is about 130′ of Beldin foil shielded twisted pair, heavy duty stuff.

First problem encountered: after the system was powered on for a while, connected stage inputs started to clip for a second. It was random and no real pattern to the inputs that were clipping, and it was audible. Mind you that nothing was plugged into the stage box inputs that were connected to the stage box. I replaced both RJ45 ends and we let the system run all night (Friday overnight) and Saturday morning, everything seemed normall. I’d love to say it was a mistake with my RJ45 end, but has this problem occured before or been reported? Customer is curious about this.

Second problem: I’ve been noticing that every time the system starts up, the event logger shows that it has found the MAC address for the stage box, then it logs that it lost audio sync immediately after. I never get a log showing it re-synced. In the home screen, it shows a green check mark next to the AR2412 and my lock light on the back of the console shows steady. Is this normal?

Thank you for you help.

-Mike Maly
Rieman Music
Urbandale, IA 50322

I’m reasonably confident that if you get the green check and it stays that way, You’re OK. My GLD is on the road at the moment, but will try to check this when it comes back.