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If I remember correctly there is a lower limit that if the equipment was stored over night in a very cold truck then the system will not operate until the temperature has risen, this is to prevent condensation forming and causing short circuits and subsequent damage.
The system when running generates enough heat to be no bother in the cold, I have run iDR10’s and 112 surfaces outdoors in November in the UK at -1 or 2 degrees Celsius, it is a far bigger problem keeping them cool in the summer I would have thought, not for the UK of course but places where the climate is a little more toasty, Though I have seen internal temperatures make it to 45-46 degree’s even in the UK the boards still functioned correctly,I do fit extra fans to the rack in which the iDR10 UPS and Fibre Switch are housed, just in case we ever get any warm weather, global warming etc.[:D]