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Hi Oscar,

I did an iLive hire here in Sydney, Australia in March this year.
http://www.tag.com.au/ are the Australian distributors.
I contacted Peter Bayfield at TAG, and he was super helpful.
We were doing a outdoor church concert on a very tight budget, and Peter went above and beyond the call of duty to help us out.
He provided a list of everyone who hired out the components we needed (T112 and iDR48 + Dante) and also some suggestions of people who don’t usually hire out their gear but might as a one off….

We ended up dealing with Brendan at Innovative Production Solutions.
They dry hired us the rig. It came in really solid road cases with the router and everything all set to go.
The price they did for us was truly amazing.
I would highly recommend them to anyone!!
I believe they have several iLive rigs, (I know I saw at least two T112s and iDR48s)

I hope it helps.