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Hi all,

One thing I have suggested in the past is:

– Scenes should be able to recall library items. For example let’s say you have a PEQ store in the library for your lead vocal. During sound check, you need to make a change to that PEQ setting for whatever reason. By simply updating this change in the library, the change should be reflected by all the scene recalls which use this library entry. (Change once, apply to many)

So, using the actor with the hat changing mic characteristics example, lets say the actor puts the hat on and takes it off more than once during the show. With two EQ settings stored in you library, one for hat on and one for hat off, it would be nice if you could have a scene recall the EQ setting from your library. This way, if you need to change let’s say the hat on EQ for some reason, you would make your EQ change and update your previous hat on EQ in your library. You wouldn’t have to update any of the scenes. Otherwise, you have to first recall each scene making use of this hat on EQ one at a time, make your EQ change, and update the scene. Why? Simply because you may have other settings common to those scenes but set differently that you don’t want updated. That would be disastrous. An UNDO would be good too.

Just a thought!