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Hi All,

it seems to me that there is a big problem with iOS 6.

I can’t log in a network that is not connected to the internet.
The network I use for controlling an iLive-System isn’t connected to the internet.

Some research in the web brought this conclusions:

An iPhone or iPad with iOS 6 installed send a request to


when they log in a WLAN.

The request that is sent was sniffed by some guy and is:

GET /library/test/success.html HTTP/1.0
Host: http://www.apple.com
User-Agent: CaptiveNetworkSupport/1.0 wispr
Connection: close

The aim of the request is to check, if there is an Captive-Gateway.

As there is no internet-connection, the iPhone and iPad say: “OOPS! The page you requested is not available” and directly logs out of the network, altough I didn’t requested a site or something.

So it seems to me, that at this point it isn’t possible to use MixPad and iLive Tweak in a network, that has no connection to the internet.

I also contacted the apple support and after resetting connections and routers and iphones and turning off push-services and things like that, they are now searching for someone who knows about this request.

I’ll post it here, if there is a solution.

Could some of you check if they have the same problems?

By the way:
My Hardware is: iPhone 4S, iPad2, D-Link DIR-815

The Router is configured as it is recommended by a&h.

Sorry for my bad english, I hope it’s not a big problem,

Cheers, Mario