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Originally posted by Jens Droessler

Hrmpf. My customers never ask for multiband compression or dynEQs. That’s something I want to have to make my mix possibly better…

For the rest: v1.9 is not an update, it’s an upgrade. As I said, I understand everyone with modular iLive being upset a bit, but as I also said it was A&Hs decision to bring these features to the iLive platform. They just could have left it the way it was.
Here is how I see it: The modular iLive buyers are a really small minority since the arrival of the T-series and fixed iDRs. That itself is of course no reason to leave them out. But the hardware is simply older. If T-Series and fixed iDRs would have had the same DSPs as the modularhad before, they wouldn’t even think of bringing us dynEQ, multiband compression and stuff, because it wouldn’t be possible on any iLive available yet. If that was the case, no one could complain. The only thing recent buyers of the modular iDR could complain is that A&H hadn’t upgraded the whole modular platform as soon as they delivered the fixed platform!
Also, I don’t think your argument about potential customers who didn’t buy the iLive is valid. These customers have already bought something else. If they now see those features they were missing when deciding to go another way are on iLive now, they won’t sell their desks because of that, because they have a desk with these features. And even if their current desk hasn’t these features and was bought because a name with better reputation is on it, they won’t sell it and get an iLive becuase the iLive is an “old” platform now, all the craze and hype is gone already and the customers of those customers want a system that’s talked about a lot and a fresh breeze on the market. People buying iLive now but didn’t before out of specific reasons are a very very small percentage of customers by my guesstimation. All the potential customers I mentioned would rather wait for an iLive2 with all the new features and some more.

But you are right about the rider acceptance. Do you have ideas how to improve it? :) If this could be done, it would be a win win situation for us and A&H.

Rider acceptance is a big issue for me. I must confess I have start looking at other options to address this and have done some training on the Pro2 and the CL5.

What’s interesting, when you compare the iLive to other desks on the market, except for a few things that I suspect will be address in 1.9 – it’s the easiest, quickest and one of the most powerful desks out there … and it sounds great. The little GLD is just fantastic, certainly best in class.

Anyway … rider acceptance is driven by the Pro end of the market, so to get acceptance you need the feature set that they want … and it includes (for example) a Dynamic EQ. You also need to get the big names to use it …such as Adel (+1 A&H).

The problem for A&H is the perception of their analogue products such as the GL2200 has tainted their digital range – I think they should have marketed the iLive under a new name like Lexus & Toyota.

The A&H analogue desks I have owned over the years have made a better ROI than any other desk, but A&H are still coming from behind, they don’t just need to be as good as the opposition … they need to be twice as good to challenge these perceptions….

The iliveT doesn’t really cut it in the Pro end of the market, at the very least you need 8 XLR mic pres and 8 XLR outs on the desk. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great product, but it won’t drive a rider.