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So now that we’re about to get these new FX/dynamics, I thought I’d ask all the people who have been asking for these features to explain why you wanted them and how they’re best used.

Yes, I understand the theory of Dynamic EQ and Muti-Band compression from a technical perspective, but since there’s a limited number, how would you go about deciding what channels to apply it to, and what would benefit the most from the features?

Basically: now that you have it (or, will soon) how do you plan to use it?

iDR-48, T-112, Mixpad

Typically you would use a dynamic EQ on the lead singer or on a vocal group.

One of the most useful things you can do is automatically turn down that area around 3 to 4K where vocals often go a bit harsh especially at high volumes when the singer really goes for it so to speak.

You can of course be a lot more creative with 4 bands of EQ but I would play with one band first.

My old BSS 901s were one of my favourite toys, you could really get the vocal to sit nicely in the mix.

Multiband compression can be used on vocals in a similar way. They are often used in mastering and broadcast applications. They can be used to increase overall level of sound, making it makes more audible in noisy environments such as a car.

There is a bunch of stuff on the net for various applications, but if you have never used one before I would first try the dynamic EQ. Set it to where the vocal go harsh – (say 3k) when the singer gets loud set the ratio and threshold so that you pull about 6dB out , but nothing at normal levels. You can also use a normal compressor to keep control of the level as well.