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That’s what an appleholic would say. There are more Android phones sold than Iphones. If there aren’t already more Android tabs sold than IPads, they will be sold more in a short time. Android tabs are available starting at 150$. Compared to that you dare to call an IPad “cheap”?

Also, porting the Windows editor to Windows RT to use on pads won’t do any good. I have a touchscreen display on my notebook, the regular Windiws editor isn’t very touchfriendly… My hopes are that there will be a new, touchfriendly (think about Windows 8 with metro!) editor supporting both GLD and iLive in the same software. I also hope it won’t be done again in java and it won’t be as sensitive to losing the WLAN connection anymore. It’s not a problem losing the connection, but the reconnect time is unbelievably high. Implent something that detects changes between mixrack and device and send only the changes at reconnect if necessary at all!