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And how are you dealing with all that phase shift?

iDR-48, T-112, Mixpad

Totally forgot about that! I just tried it out myself, unless I’m missing some sort of corrective magic the phase shift completely kills it.


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I tend to agree, if you need more than a 4 band parametric with adjustable Q AND an sweeping high pass filter on an input channel, your doing it wrong and something is severely broken in your mixing.

I can’t think of a single scenario…. ever… where this would be a good idea and would result in something sounding good.

I was going to say this too but didn’t. If you need more than that, or if you’re needing to cut/boost huge amounts anywhere, someone’s doing something very wrong. Use a different mic, aim the mic better, or the person on stage needs to learn to not suck. My problem is usually the last of those of course [;)]

I’m a big fan of getting it right at the source and then doing just enough tweaking to allow everything to sit in the mix together without being changed drastically. It’s live sound reinforcement after all.