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FWIW one of the things I think A&H may not be getting quite right is upgrading the firmware based on the wish list of some of their customers. This board doesn’t always reflect the bigger picture. I know that seems completely stupid at first, but you need to think about it a bit.

In simple terms, people that bought the iLive, bought it because it did what they needed – so of course they are happy. The question that A&H should be asking is – what is it that people who didn’t buy the iLive want, and what can they do to change that situation.

This is part of what they need to do if they are to expand their sales and rider acceptance. And yes, I know it’s not as simple as board functions, but it’s part of what’s needed, and 1.9 will address a lot of them I hope.

This sums it up all perfectly!

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