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Would be very handy for vocal channels above and beyond the PEQ.

If you’re talking about higher/lower frequencies, there’s a setting somewhere that lets you “unlock” the 4 PEQ bands so that each of them can be fully moved from 20-20khz. Not in front of my console right now, but I believe you press one of the soft keys to get to Mix Rack settings and it’s somewhere in there.


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Why do you need GEQ for a channel? Learn to use the PEQ, also this morning i used one AKG 300C into 4 channels, I had better control because i was able to shift the PEQ on all 4 channels and roll off what was covered on the other three. Then use the compression SC and compress just that freq range for each channel. then grouped them into one DCA. PEQ allow a smoother transition on frequencies than the GEQ.

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Smart, you’re using the high and low pass PEQ bands as pseudo crossovers to split the mic into low/low-mid/high-mid/high channels? Sounds pretty drastic though (not that I haven’t done equally creative things!), what were you micing?

And how are you dealing with all that phase shift?

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