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Well, the ICE16 only makes sense with at least an iDR48 when used with iLive, since we’d need to use 16 analog outputs for the ICE16 and of course still need some more to do what we are paid for. And we need to place it on stage with the iDR, since we don’t have 16 outputs on the surface. This makes operating the ICE16 pretty hard. This makes the product pretty ununseable for me. It would have been pretty cool, if this thing would have had ACE, Dante or just an ethernet port to remotely control, maybe even from the iLive surface directly with the next FW upgrade. MP3 playback along this would have been nice too, so we would have had a pretty good replacement for the GLDs recorder with even bigger functionality. Maybe you guys at A&H will develop an iLive specific multitrack recorder, that would be great.