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I can understand that iDR10 and iDR0 users are upset because v1.9 probably won’t run on their iDRs. But the facts are: You got a working system with v1.83, and v1.9 will add features you didn’t pay for when you bought the system. You bought it for what it was and not for what it COULD become. If A&H had decided not to bring these features to the iLive, you wouldn’t complain about a mandatory hardware update, because you couldn’t! A&H could instead have announced an iLive2 with these features, they didn’t. Things just get outdated, that’s life. My three years old TV doesn’t do 3D, shall I call the manufacturer now and complain about that? Of courde not. I’d have to buy a new one. But A&H did it the other way, they give you the possibility to swap just the outdated part for a reasonable price. I think that’s a very nice kind of doing business!

About the new features:
I understand most of them are running in beta phase in the labs already. The multiband compressor and the dynamicEQ will run as an effect block in one of the eight effects slots, as it seems. But will they make use of the enhanced effects input/output features introduced in v1.8 (IIRC) or will they only be stereo or even mono? That would be a real bummer. To put a multiband on say each of four vocal channels I would need four effects slots. No can do!
Also, I don’t think I’d need four dynamic EQ bands per instance of the effect. One would be enough for me. Same thing applies here as for the multiband compressor: I hope we can route multiple channels independently to each instance/effect slot. Better yet IMO would have been if the dynEQ would have been an option for the limiter/deesser section per channel (yes, we couldn’t use all the options via the hardware knobs, but I wouldn’t mind. Also one band only, but that would be enough), making it a limiter/deesser/dynEQ section. So the things I ask for would be the whipped cream on the update. I will have fun toying with it anyway :)