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Pop groups, vca groups,”extend mode”, “area B”, one of the things it excells at is getting what you need to your fingertips straight away!
I have been hoping A&H would introduce something akin to pop groups.

I have been asking A&H this for over 2 years now.
Their response in March 2010 was:


iLive does not offer this option at present, however, your message has been forwarded to our iLive R&D team and logged as a feature request for future firmware updates.
Thank you for your interest.

To me this is the last thing that is really missing now we going to get most of the other requests in 1.9.
One’s you used this kind of interface on any of the other desks that have this (almost all) you can’t go back.


Hum hum hum[;)]
Pop group ….pop music…
Few years ago French digital mixing desk Innovason SY already introduce some function like this.
A way to reproduce this on ilive is to create scene only including “strip assignment”
inside those scene , set and organize your strip in layer A,B,C,D in bank 1, 2, 3 as you want ….drums input, percu, horn , voice …then use the user key to recall those “group” on your fader layer bank or use a PL box to do it. I know this is not so easy as POP group but if you have a big gig that could be helpful..

We are lucky to get the opportunity to build or own personal accessory tool with A&H PL..

In the same way I many time organize the all A level layer of the 3 bank set to input fader ,to get all my band under finger then use “Mix COMBO PFL/SEL/MIX” on userkey or PL6 or 10 to recall all my mix send.

If not to late some last request for v1;9 coming soon …
Be able to send input to group with a choice PRE or POST Delay...because if you use Group to add external (Analogue) treatment and want to add the original signal (as in the parallel internal dry/wet comp fonction ) you create sometime strange like phasing due to A/D D/A latency. You won’t be actually able to avoid using delay on concerned input because send to group is Post Délay.

A way to set a fader to zero position as in the GEQ mode…
Perhaps in the future would it be nice to be able te get a fader calibration as in GLD!
also request a comfirm message(choice yes/no in the preference) when reset a Mix.using reset button (sometime “reset”stuck cause of dusty then imagine what’s happen then when you recall a mix..)
a longer Delay…in Fx
And last but could be wonderfull to be able to routing the up / down stream channels still available from port A to Surface modular Port B (to use a Dante card at FOH to rec or insert PC/MAC plug in)while using idr10/idr16 my port B ethersound card (M=ES=V2 updated to ASIO fonctionnality …hihihi) to record or share input channel.
Anyway thank A&H RD to offer us soon most of the wish we had from a long time in v1;9…
I’m happy to be able to hard update my iDR10 for a reasonable cost than to see my ilve system obsolete[:D].
In fact the only regrets I have on my 144 is that faders or economic one’s [V], dependent of dusty with time, touchscreen and Strip led screen or not brighting enough (compare to T séries), some headroom noise on the headphone output.
For the rest my iLive never crash, never bug, for all the last 4 or 5 years. Providing me great big sound.
And special thanks to the A&H support team to be so rapid and efficient to fix problem, emergency we met “so” few time for all those last years [:)].



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