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Or how easy it is to access layers. How do I go from layer 1 to 3 on scrolling?

Pop groups, vca groups,”extend mode”, “area B”, one of the things it excells at is getting what you need to your fingertips straight away!
I have been hoping A&H would introduce something akin to pop groups.


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I had an installed shure UHF-R receiver die on me yesterday. Been installed for 3 years, no abuse, climate controlled, just died. That’s why we have a profit margin and a rainy day margin.

In my world it is not that simple. I have done shows where the Australian prime minister is speaking, and regularly with national acts. If a show goes down it can be very expensive and embarrassing, and I will probably never see that client again.
A “rainy day margin” just doesn’t cut it!


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I once had an issue with the CF card in my iLive.
I made a call to A&H after hours and within 20 minutes had an international call back from one of the guys who helped build the thing.
They put up an ISP image of a CF card on their web server and talked me through burning it to a new card.

If that is not support I don’t know what is.
That was back in the days when the modular series was all they had.
Now the T series is out, you can afford to carry spares to gigs. I usually have a spare mix rack ready to go for large gigs. Not that I have ever needed it, but support is far less of an issue these days. These things are pretty robust.

I totally agree.
I think the iLive is a reliable system. Occasionally, equipment breaks, it happens.
A&H UK has always been excellent with backup and support. In regards to my recent issue, I spoke to Al in Cornwall, who was very apologetic(though the problem was not with them) and he was able to contact my distributor and make things happen. Thank you Al :)
If I am going to continue using iLive in a professional capacity I would like to think that all the “mission critical” spares are stocked in Australia and can be put in an overnight bag to me if necessary.