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I once had an issue with the CF card in my iLive.
I made a call to A&H after hours and within 20 minutes had an international call back from one of the guys who helped build the thing.
They put up an ISP image of a CF card on their web server and talked me through burning it to a new card.

If that is not support I don’t know what is.
That was back in the days when the modular series was all they had.
Now the T series is out, you can afford to carry spares to gigs. I usually have a spare mix rack ready to go for large gigs. Not that I have ever needed it, but support is far less of an issue these days. These things are pretty robust.

Hi Millst,

FWIW I think Darren has been very polite with his comments, I know exactly what he has been through, he was hiring one of my iLive’s while he was trying to get his working again. I have seen and inspected the failed boards and I know exactly how long it took. Darren is also a qualified and highly competent electronics technician.

Having said that, I think sh*t happens from time to time and there are no problems with A&H reliability or their support anywhere – I love the local guys with a passion.

The issue that upset me was that I have been waiting and waiting, hoping that A&H would address a couple of things I need, then it appears that those of us that have the big expensive desks will not be able to take advantage of them …. then it looks like we may be able to by upgrading the CPU, I thinking A$3500-ish – I’m guessing based on the price of an iDr10 rack/PSU/Rab2 etc… but who know when … another year. I now believe it will be sooner than later :o)

To me A&H should have given us all a bit of a head-up after Plasa… this thread would have been much shorter [:)]