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err.. you do realise that the difference between scrolling layers vs vertical layers is only in your head? The buttons do exactly the same thing, they are just labelled horizontally or vertically. It’s just the way you choose to visualise it! They are not real!

Or how easy it is to access layers. How do I go from layer 1 to 3 on scrolling?

I’m a big Midas fan in general but the pro2 hardly deserves the Midas name. Maybe something that begins with a B…

But we’re getting off topic.

I had an installed shure UHF-R receiver die on me yesterday. Been installed for 3 years, no abuse, climate controlled, just died. That’s why we have a profit margin and a rainy day margin.

No one is forcing you to run 1.9 no one is forcing you to upgrade your dsp…. I am sure the next release of Venue will not run on the dshow or the profile without a dsp upgrade, but the sc48 will get a bunch of new features. The Canon 6D does a lot the 5d mark III doesn’t. It’s also a yar and a half newer. Nature of Innovation

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