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Nope, Pro2 and Pro2c. Build quality it low. Already had issues with phantom power cutting out mid show, scrolling layers as opposed to real layers, etc. It’s just MIdas version of GLD

iDR-48, T-112, Mixpad

err.. you do realise that the difference between scrolling layers vs vertical layers is only in your head? The buttons do exactly the same thing, they are just labelled horizontally or vertically. It’s just the way you choose to visualise it! They are not real!

FWIW, I have no issues with the build quality of my iLive. The T series, however, is no where near as robust. I have seen the plastic surface begin to bubble up outside on a 25c day! It is really an install only console in my opinion.

I guess being told I need to spend more to get the new firmware has hit a bit of a raw nerve.

My iLive has just cost my business several $K to replace 2 faulty pcb’s and in crosshires for a replacement console, as mine was offline for over 6 weeks due to the ineptitude of my local distributor. 5 weeks after I ordered the parts they still had not put the order through to the UK. It took a phone call from me to A&H in England, who then contacted my local distributor and organised an air courier, to prod them into action!
I’m lucky enough to have used almost all of the digi consoles out there, and I can honestly say the iLive has the best UI and workflow of them all. I do love the product. However, in my situation, more than just the console needs to be professional. The infrastructure surrounding it has been decidedly MI at best and I need support that comprehends that this is a professional console that is an integral tool in the running of my business.
I have been waiting for 1.9 to decide whether to keep my loyalty to iLive or jump ship. I don’t need teasers on a blog or to get fuzzy feelings from seeing forum members names on the touchscreen. What I do need is a professional level of support and factual information from A&H so I can make informed business decisions, and be confident I have a tool that is capable of doing the job I need.