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BTW, I put in the blog, only because I care about you guys waiting, a few of the items that we were previwing at PLASA to show work in progress on V1.9 and maybe give some indication of the depth of the work involved behind these features. Namely:
AES out option
Dynamic EQ
Graphic EQs
Stereo IP tools
Multi-band Compression
Tap Tempo on MixPad
Delay bypass

PLASA was a ‘public’ show, and anyone was welcome to visit and see for themselves where we are up to. That’s why I put up some things for people who couldnt make it along, out of enthusiasm!
To publish a comprehensive list of proposed V1.9 features on the forum is pretty careless as, until we finish testing all aspects of the iLive family of products, we reserve the right to change withdraw, even add features as appropriate. Albin’s list looks like the sort of thing we privately show our distributors re the scope of our activities, and to pre-empt training and awareness needed before we have a product to launch. I could give him a list of what cars the R&D guys drove to work today if that helps in Austria :D

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