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Well it’s great to see so much animated enthusiasm and debate over an improvement to our trusty digital console!
Firstly I would like to clarify that the only thing you would need to change on iDR10 and iDR0 MixRacks to enable it to enjoy the enhanced feature set of the proposed V1.9 is the DSP module itslf. It’s a set of chips (a bit like buying additional memory for your computer). Your investment in the interchangeable mic pres and other module formats remains sound. Turn the system off, take out 2 screws and slide in the new DSP and fire it with the new firmware. No down-time, no carriage charges, no service centre. How many systems let you do that?
Please check with your dealer / distributor about the price of the DSP card which will be confirmed shortly. A&H is committed to supporting our loyal modular users by passing on the DSP at as near to cost as possible. There will be a reasonable handling charge to get it to you.
We took care and deliberated about the consequences of offering V1.9 to a system in which the DSP has been natuarlly surpassed (as in the world of all computing) by cheaper and more capable devices. T series enjoyed the benefits of new DSP chipsets, GLD probably could beat them all in a shoot-out! but if either of those two models ever need a hardware upgrade, then the labour charge, down-time and associated costs would probably equal the price of the new modular DSP card.

I believe A&H has worked really hard to respond to feedback and offer a series of improvements to iLive. V1.9 feature-set is largely based on what you guys asked for. Please be patient while we test the proposed version, only then can we list the complete details of the release so you can plan ahead.

Leon Phillips
A&H UK Product Manager

please do not adjust your set; normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!