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Originally posted by albin

Just a quick question:
Does ANY of the other manufacturers of audio desks announce an Firmware udpdate with feature list and so on weeks before its published?


So why you are complaining about that?
We will know exactly whats in there when it arrives.
As far i have been instructed 1.9 will include:

– 4 types of Graphic EQs along with bands 31, 40 and 50Hz
– 4 band dynamic EQ
– 4 band multiband compressor
– Channel Delay Bypass
– Audio Sync from Slave Rack /xDR-16
– Partial Bank linking
– Input channel Stereo Width control
– PL Switch MIX/SEL/PAFL/SceneRecall
– Full Control of xDR port B option cards
– Optional Start-up scene
– Extra User permissions
– Improved Gain Reduction metering page
– Sort ACE redundant link / XDR issues
– MIDI control of Aux and FX Send levels
– MIDI control of Mix Button
– Configurable source point in input meters page
– New UDP system replacing Multicast metering
– Improvements to Mix Coherency

and MAYBE an pitch shift effect.

The MixPad will be updated to 1.9 as well:
– FX tap tempo control
– Stereo Aux Pan control
– Blank strips in custom layers
– Custom layers can hold 32 strips
– Scrolling improvements
– Router handling improvements

So, thats reads like an fine list of updates for me and i hope all will be included in 1.9 from the beginning.

Release is planned for October.

An massive feature improvement at no cost (at least if you do not have to buy a new DSP Module).
Thanks A&H.

That’s interesting … all I know (until now) is what I have seen on the twitter teasers….

I have been waiting a couple of years for them to improve the scene management. I can operate it, but my customers have problems. I have also been hoping for a dynamic EQ which seems to be happening.

Anyway it’s probably all moot for me as my $50,000 144/iDr10 apparently will not work with 1.9.

With respect to other manufactures releasing firmware update information …

In this case A&H had it operating at Plasa for everyone to see. After that as part of good marketing and business development strategies, I believe you need to give some sort of indication of what and when it can be expected. If you don’t rumors will be every where …and you run all sorts of risks.