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I’ve had it unofficially confirmed (if that makes sense) that this is the case and that A&H will be supplying the replacement DSP’s for the iDR-10 & iDR-0 at a reduced rate.

FYI this isn’t the first time hardware limitations have cropped up during firmware updates. IIRC 1.6 wouldn’t run on the original production run of the modular surface as the 1gHZ processor on the SBC run out of steam!

Eventually we all get a bit old and need upgrading…


Just remember kids no matter how good your mixing is you can’t polish a turd…

The problem for me is that my customers are looking for what they perceive as a better desk than an iLive.

To keep them happy I need my iLive-s to do a few more tricks. It’s been that way for the last 2 or 3 years.

For me it is becoming critical, and I am still very much in the dark other than your post, (thankyou). It now seems 1.9 may not work with their “top of the range” iDr10.


We still don’t officially know (and its been quite some time) –

– What 1.9 will do?
– When it will be released?
– Will it work with an iDr10 or for that matter an iLive surface?
– If it will not work with the iDr 10, will a CPU upgrade be available?
– If an upgrade is coming, when?
– How much will it cost?
– What future upgrades will it support?
– Will 1.9 work on an iLive (not iLiveT) with a iDR 48?

This type of information makes business planning much easier, but it seems that A&H are now more and more focused on the MI market and MI sales strategies.

I don’t have a problem with that, it’s a difficult market for them, but I need to carefully consider what I need in my hire inventory and at what point do I stop wasting time and spending money up grading – …1.9, AES cards, Dante, Rab2’s, 1.5 G SBC, new CPUs etc.

I can now buy two Midas Pro 2’s for the cost my iLive 144 and iDr10!