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Hi Guys,

I have to disagree pretty strongly with you all on the IDR10 upgrade requirement.

I pre-ordered an IDR10 and iLive 112 a good 3 or 4 months before they were anything more than ‘brochureware’. I recognised back then that what A&H was doing was pretty special and unlike anything else that anyone else in the market was doing. That remains the case today.

The reason I bought the modular series is ironically the exact reason why you are all complaining. Because I knew the day would come when the software would outstrip the hardware’s capabilities.

I also have T-Series, but I know that when the T-Series runs out of steam, A&H will have no choice but to bring out a whole new product and I will be forced to replace it.

My IDR10 has had many upgrades since I first received it, all of them a fraction of the cost of replacing the hardware completely. The first DSP was only capable of 2 simultaneous FX, I upgraded mine a few months later to the 8 FX module for a modest cost.

Next came Ethersound to ACE, I was able to swap out the whole module in the rack and upgrade to ACE. I was pretty pleased about that.

Then came the SBC in the surface, this was a bit more complicated and far from a direct swapout, but it was possible and a welcome relief.

If you want rider acceptance, buy a PM5, but tell me, how many DSP module upgrades have there been for the PM5. Then tell me how many different revisions of the PM5 there have been over the years that have required a full upgrade of the entire system in order to take advantage of them.

1.9 is a classic example of this all over again, I’ll happily hand over my money to A&H to receive a new DSP that is capable of these new features. Safe in the knowing that my entire system has not been made completely obsolete because of all of the user requests on this very forum for features that A&H could never had anticipated when the product was first developed.

The iPad wasn’t even a product back then.
I have had my iLive for well over 3 years now (I can’t remember exactly but its probably closer to 5). The fact that it is still able to run the latest software and features in an era where your phone is obsolete after 12 months is a testament to A&H’s vision.