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Hi everyone,

Been using our new iLive for about a week now, got a few questions for the masses.

I know there are a lot of topics on scene management, how to do it, etc, and this is one of those, but with a few caveats.

I support everything from live bands to orchestras to theater shows, all of my theater programing experience is digico or yamaha. In both of those cases, I’ve never really had to worry about ‘recall time’ its just fairly instantaneous.

on the iLive, it seems to take more time? Is this accurite? at the very least the touchscreen seems occupied while the ‘system busy’ dialogue displays, but does that actually ‘lock up’ the whole console, or just the touch screen?

To add to what was said already, unfortunately when the screen is showing “system busy” messages your console is “locked up” in its last state, that is you have audio going thru but no control, care must be taken as fader moves or others during that time will eventually be acted upon after the “system busy” message disappears…..

To properly use the scenes as implemented on the iLive, you should store a “first scene with a “store all” that will restore at boot up ( socket assignments console layout) etc… this will be stored with your show.for subsequent scenes, only store what you need in it, by using the “edit” button in the scene management window, you might want to copy basic scenes and again on a scene to scene basis only add elements that are needed…..once you’ve made changes to a scene use “update” that way only the elements included in the scene will be memorized.


Originally posted by tk2k

Is there an equivalent of tracking, where I can tell the iLive not to recall a setting unless its changed?
for example, I have an actor who puts on a large hat at one point which changes the characteristics of their mic, so I have a different EQ on them. Obviously there’s no point in recalling the same exact EQ for the 30+ scenes before I need that EQ, but I can’t remove the EQ from programing entirely as I do need it to change for one scene.


Save a scene that reflect the EQ you want with no hat for that particular channel or group of channels, in subsequent scenes you can either remove the EQ from the scene recall (edit in scene window) but, because now your scene content has been trimmed down and you are recalling fewer elements, you could leave it in. without affecting scene recall speed ……at the scene where the hat is worn add the new EQ if you had removed it from that scene or just click “update” if you left it in…and so on.

Hope that helps