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Originally posted by Lieven Dewispelaere

The T series were a few years later developed after the IDR10.
they chose to use a faster board.
We always want more and more features on the existing hardware. (multiband comp uses more processing than a simple comp i suppose)
So it is only logical that the early boards will run out of gas.
You can compare it to windows/osx. New versions need more processing/memory. If you want to upgrade from W95 to windows 2008 you will need a newer PC.So either you stick with V1.8 or you buy the new hardware. V1.9 is not a maintenance release but a feature upgrade. (and a free one).

disclaimer : not yet confirmed that you need a newer board for V1.9 for the early ilve series


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The issue for me is that I need a professional level desk, I need mic pre’s and XLRs on the surface.

The ilive T doesn’t really cut it.

I was hoping to get a couple more years out of my iLives and that the software upgrade would help by giving me a couple of things I need. It has been an uphill battle for the last few years, but out of brand loyalty I have stayed with AH.

I must also say that the MI rather than professional approach to the release of 1.9 is also a worry. We don’t know except for a few twitter teasers exactly what’s coming. That’s not the type of world my business needs to live in.

I guess this, and what else is implied, makes my decision easy. If I need a new rack it would be better for me to cut my losses and get something else that has more rider acceptance.