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We do have a scene safe setup, there are two ways to get to it. One is to hold down the blue Safe key on the surface and then selecting which channel you want to safe

The other is to go to the Scenes page and then there is a grid with all of the scene safes on it by channel, DSP in the channel etc.

What firmware is your console running? Make sure it is V 1.83

The store all does Not store buss settings (I miss spoke) that is the show manager.

You have multiple ways to save and store files

Libraries, scenes and shows. The scenes sit within the show.

I usually will archive the master show and save a copy to a stick with a just in case scene in it.

I usually always scene safe my announcers mic and the Main output so it doesn’t change between scene recalls and I usually scene safe a playback channel.

If you would like We can walk you through it .

If you are coming to WFX. Stop by the booth and I will go over it .

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