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You are probably hitting the “store all” button to save scenes, what you really should do is

Store all your master setup, then just use the “update” on each subsequent scene change.. that way it only stores the updates on each scene.

when you hit the store all, its re-storing everything, IP address settings, buss configs, user preferences, etc. there really is no need to do that and reloading all that stuff takes a bit of time.

If you just do “updates” on each scene, it will snapshot instantaneously.

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Hi Vice,

That’s the problem I have been complaining about – it’s not intuitive and everyone encounters the same problem … and the work around is clumsy. I have just supplied an iLive for a school musical production and they had problems with the scene management…. Again!

For the part of the market the iLive seems most suited, such as schools and armature theatre, where you use scenes quite a bit, you need 3 levels of scene management.

1) A master scene save all, which is the current save all.

2) A scene save that only saves levels and mutes as the default. To this you can add other functions such as EQ, Gates, Compressors, pre amp gain etc if needed.

3) A show save, which is saves all the files associated with that particular performance.

In addition, you still need scene safe functions.

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