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hey bigsounds
thanks for the flowers…i was hoping to get a award for this – lifetime free coffe or so… looking really forward to the update!!!

b.t.w. i have focusrites rednet pci card here for testing –

although the driver`s not here yet haha i think they send just to proof it is existing , i asked for the driver and they send me a monster contract to sign therfore i would not publish it.
i bet the dante students are busy surfing (like a good aussie should)instead of finishing the driver. anyway i wrote back: if you dont trust me i`ll wait till the driver is officialy released.

hopefully next week – i`ll make a report with video to show how good it is – looks promising, they are talking about 3ms latencie.
i am intersted in using vsti`s with it – effects not really as the build in ones, and now the update, are good enough.

thanks again – love my ilive


allways latest firm and software
iLive-144/t-80/idr-10 /idr-48/dante/pl-6/eyepad 1/belkin router/