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I don’t have an MMO but it’s not a sample rate issue is it?


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The church where I am currently FOH has the T112 and iDR-64 w/ MMO which has been used since install for Aviom. They would like for me to track a special music night coming in a couple weeks and so I naturally went after the ADAT outs – I have both Presonus and M-Audio firewire interfaces. Problem is that I can’t get the ADAT outs to sync up, best is some distorted audio w/ digital artifacts – that’s with either unit which both sync fine to my pre’s and another Yamaha mixer I own w/ ADAT. I have read on this forum that some of the earlier MMO’s had bad ADAT functionality and I believe this church has an early model based on the install date, but of course never tested it before. Any thoughts or ideas? Anything I’m overlooking? Latest firmware on the console/mixrack by the way. Thanks in advance.

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