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I just programmed a 158 scene theater show today followed by a try out show. I love it! No problems with the scene management so far…. But i would love a multiband compressor and insertable eq’s. Too bad my tour starts tommorow, i never update during tours. Everything looks great on the liveblog, i can’ t wait

I didn’t say that the scene management didn’t work, I said it needed to be tidied up a little – the perception in the market place is that others desks/manufacturers have better scene management. I think it works, but the default settings and what you need to do to get it work quickly can be clumsy.

I know a lot of people that don’t like the iLive, but love the GLD. They are almost identical to use; it’s just that little bit of extra refinement that makes all the difference – its appearance, feel, and the user interface is just a little better.

I think the situation with the scene management is similar, it just needs to be a little better.