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Hi Simon

Yes, you are correct. One limitation is that out of those 64 channels, 8 of them are also routed to the physcial output sockets on the xDR-16. So you might record channels 1-56, then use 57-64 for the physical outputs (which will also come out of the Dante card, but you may not want to record whatever signals you have sent to the xDR-16 output sockets). Of course if you’re not using the physical output sockets, then you will have the full 64 channels to play with.

If you have a look in the Outputs page Port B tab, the way channels overlap should be reasonably clear. You can change where the physical output sockets overlap in the Mixer Preferences page.

We plan to allow up to 48 channels from an Option Card fitted to an xDR-16 in firmware V1.9, provided there is only one xDR-16, and no Slave rack, in the system.


– Jeff, A&H