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ken thanks for the direction. Looks pretty clear to me, just to clarify when you say bring the fader to the surface you mean navigate to the layer? And properly patch the socket? 2nd question, the save you are talking about is a scene or a show? Sorry for all the questions. Coming from a yamaha, analog, presonus background. Trying to get it all as fast and as complete as I can. This install is in a casino so want to do my best to bring my A game.

by bring the fader to the surface I mean punch the surface button under the touch screen and change the input channel till the channel number you want is there and hit apply. That replaces what was there with the fader you want. The surface is virtual unlike Yamaha and the presonus. Channels are not fixed to certain places.

No but, you will need to do that after you save the eq/processing. Select the channel and navigate to one of the processing sections notice at the bottom left side you can save and recall channel processing for that individual channel so if next time that person uses channel 10 instead of channel 5 you can just recall the channel setting to that channel. You can also back these up to a usb stick so you can carry them to the next console you use. Always after you change anything save the scene then save the show. I would in addition to that save a copy of the show to a usb stick along with your library of channel setting.

if you don’t already have the editor on a computer I would do so. Once you see the program working you start to understand whats going on under the surface.


Thanks for the detail and patience!!! Pretty I got it for this one. I will report back!!