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For example on a Yamaha console i zero the console by recall scene 0.

Actually you do not zero Yamaha (at least LS9) by recalling scene zaro! Beware, it does not reset all parameters f ex delays in sends. You can zero all by holding down “Scene memory” when powering it up. This really clears the console,; no scene memories left, so remember to back up.

Well back to iLive:

You gotta be careful when palying around with shows; Just had an issue as we rented to surfaces and one rack: I made back-ups with that one rack as I left the other mix rack in the tour bus (the band needed a iDr48 instead of our 32:s, that’s why). So even the surface showed the shows saved there, the rack over rules them and the configuration is wrong. So allways make the back ups with the very configuration you’re using.


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