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Okay, here I’m back with our first real life experiences [;)]

My theory mentioned a few weeks ago have not been blown away totally by reality, but leaves me unsatisfied with the whole store and safe situation.

To get everything up and running we used the LR Template from A&H and modified it the way we needed it.

My idea with the “Recall-After-Soundcheck-Scene” has not yet been implemented but seems still a good idea for us.

But what leaves me unsatisfied is the whole storing situation in context with our five operators:

We have currently one show. And we have different inputs and outputs, that stay (and should stay, for consistency) the same, week over week (wireless mics, audiofeed for different rooms, translation sound and mic, recording and so on).
On the one hand, changes made by the operators to this channels are useful and should be used by the others in the future (finetuning wireless equalization, changing some EQ’s or Dynamics to the feed outputs etc.).
On the other hand, the operators should not be able to change those channels “without good reason”.

One other thing that keeps me unsatisfied is the storing of “my personal mix”. The goal would be to plug in an USB Key, store my actual board this sunday, and reload it the next sunday I’m serving and be right where I left before.

How could you solve those two requirements? How have you done it in your church?

One possible solution that comes to my mind is to wait a few more weeks and in the meantime finetune wireless mics, store EQ library’s for the different capsules and finetune the audio feeds.
Then share that show to everybody in our team to use it as their own template. That afterwards, everyone comes with their own show..
Big hook on that solution: How do you distribute changes which should be used by everyone without changing that master show and let everyone start from scratch with their personal show?!

Other scenario would be to use only one show and give every operator his “own” scene (maybe the last 10 scenes in the scene manager).
Plus my “Recall-After-Soundcheck-Scene” to eliminate mistakes, made to those “fix” channel settings.
Question to this solution would be, what is the storing difference between shows and scenes? Only the I/O Patch and Routing? Than this solution could work, cause I think we don’t need to change the routing that much after the first period of time. Otherwise the operator have to store a copy of the show to make his routing changes not affect the Master-Show.

So: comments, ideas, your way’s of handling that?

Btw: We are a 400pax church with 3 Sunday Services and actually 5 board operators. Additionally there should be a “band-rehearsal” scene with a guest user to give the bands the opportunity to rehearse during the week without an operator with a standard setup and mix.