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I’ve had nothing but dramas running a Win7Pro ASUS laptop with Dante – it’s just too hit & miss… I’ve just been pricing today a Mac MINI with a small SSD drive for the program drive & either the stock 500gb 7200 drive or possibly a 1TB internal drive as the tracking drive. I’ve also just borrowed a friends Mac Mini to try out for stability, and am currently monitoring the resulting playback for errors (32 channels in, returning 32 channels to the rack)… sounds rock solid so far!
I tracked it for 3 hours with 32 channels armed via Presonus’ ‘Capture’ software… I’m thinking this will be a lot less demanding on RAM than any DAW for basic live capture purposes?
Anyone else want to put in their 2cents on the Presonus software for Dante use?

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+1 for the mac, core audio is just a better framework then ASIO.

For me, stability is of highest importance.

That being said, other than system resource concerns, you should treat your DAW just like any other DAW. I can’t think of any reason it’d treat the Dante input any different than any other audio input. I’ve had good luck with Logic, but again it’s really just a question of ‘what software do you use’