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There are no dedicated mute groups, instead there are 16 DCAs. A&H says that in order to make mute groups (which are just half assed DCAs anyway on a digital console) take the channels you want to mute group and route them through a DCA, then burry the fader on a level you don’t use. Then use the softkey assign to make the softkeys mute that DCA. Mutes are pre-fader post send so it works just the same as a channel mute

In terms of default scene, you specify that on an account-by-account basis, so admin might load a different default scene than guest. It will, by default, load last show last state when powered off, If you start a new show the default is LRSub

Other than ‘the touchscreen computer is broken’ it’s hard to say. The way A&H does it is there’s an entirely separate computer running the touchscreen, meaning it’s 100% independent of surface or mix rack operations (same setup as a Venue). The good news is it can be repaired/swapped out fairly inexpensively.


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I use from time to time a ilive console. They configure it for me but i want to understand. For example on a Yamaha console i zero the console by recall scene 0.
– How can i do the same on iLive 80?

– How mute groups work in iLive and where can find it?

Thanks a lot i love ilive consoles. Last Saturday i have done two stages (same night at different hours…) with iLive on both stages one with a iLive 80 (with iDR10) and the other with a R72 (iDR32). On sound check on R72 the touch screen stop working have to reboot…[:0] the guy from the sound company says that appends many times do you know whats the problem?.

But great consoles and good sound. Love the concept![:D][:D]