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The limiter on the main output only works on physical outputs, SPDIF and TRS Jacks on the surface – and XLR on the MixRack.

I use my iLive for recording, and need to feed my stereo balance to:

a) Matrixes – an attenuated feed for distribution to recorders which can’t take full line level and also broadcast PPM meters which have to show -18dB as 4PPM

b) Local Monitor – via PAFL section, for control room monitors.

These two paths pick up the mix BEFORE the limiter so I can’t hear, or meter the limiting.

Of course, I never use the limiter, but there are times I’d find it handy. Is there a work around, or am I missing something?


IDR48 – T112 – Dante card

perhaps I am misunderstanding your question but could you not just use the matrices’ limiters ???