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I think somehting everyone is missing is the access speed of the external hard drive. A single drive will usually not break 60MBps in an external configuration. That means at 1.15 MBps you are limited to 32 channels.

So, this is where a two drive raid array, or an external solid state drive, might make some sense. If you’re thinking of recording one show ‘on site’ then trasnferring data and editing offline, you could very easily get away with a smaller sized SSD.

On the whole FW vs USB. usb sucks because it’s not an error checking protocol. Firewire has redundancy built in, and makes sure every data bit gets to the hard drive. This is why it was the pro standard (and still is honestly) for recording interfaces. Dante has mimicked a bit of what firewire does in their software protocol, but honestly you want a firewire 800 external hard drive for recording.

Look for drive access time, with multitrack recording you are doing a lot of switching between multiple tasks. Large buffer on the hard drive itself will help with this as well.

If you have the money, get a server grade hard drive, multitrack recording is very similar to high density database systems.