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Hi Andy,

I wouldn’t recommend XP for high channel count recordings with Dante. We’ve never managed more than 32 channels of simultaneous recording/playback with XP and were told it’s due to the way XP handles network data. Although XP is officially supported by Audinate, our experience suggests Windows 7 and OS X are much better performers where Dante is concerned.


Originally posted by GuenterEisbach

You need a minimum of 1,1MByte/s transfer rate at 24Bit/48kHz sampling rate.
USB 2.0 in theory transfers 480MBit/s = 60MByte/s, sound like it can handle 50 channel.

24bit 48kHz is 1.152Mbit/s (144kB/s)- theoretical USB2 transfer rate should cope with hundreds of channels. In reality, the USB bus might be shared with other peripherals, the OS & USB driver don’t allow full transfer rate, and as Gunter pointed out, HD speed and driver quality are additional bottlenecks. Even expensive hard disks cannot quite reach the full data transfer rate of the protocol they use. For more than 32ch I would invest in a good, reliable drive. We’ve tested the LACIE Little Big Disk Quadra (specs are 30-35MB/s over USB2 and 75-85MB/s over FW800, both figures burst read rate at maximum drive speed) with up to 32 channels continuous recording over USB2 and 64 channels over FW800.

I hope this helps