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Hi, I do agree with what you guys are saying, the good and the bad.
With bad I refer to the poor build quality of the T series surfaces.
My T112 may not survive the summer because the plastic cover is peeling off with the heat and direct sunlight. I know it’s an English desk, where these are not main concerns, but in Portugal, it sucks…
However, sound… that’s something else.
We were hired to provide sound support for a series of rehearsals a big Portuguese band were doing for a show with a military band playing along. They needed to rehearse the arrangemnts, timing, etc… Not a big budget, so ask the little guys.
We came in with ou T112, and their sound tech, a very well respected professional in our country, didn’t know the desk.
I offered to baby sit, obviously, but after 10 minutes he dismissed me. Quote: I can take it from here, it’s a very simple desk.
He then took 15 minutes with a SM58 doing some adjustments to the main EQ, and I asked him if there was a problem and he looked at me, with a very susprised look and said:
Are you aware that these is a very precise Equaliser on the Desk? I mean, we change a frequency and you hear the precise change coming out on the speakers. How much does this cost again???

Also, did an event where the tech guy was a “strictly analogue desk for me” but, hey this is what you have. again, 5 mnts baby sitting and he went on to mix the show. After the show I ask: How do you feel about the desk? and he says: Can I take it with me?

These things happen on a regular basis but still they say…OOHHH you don’t have a DIGICO, or at least an M7CL?

Surface: T112 / T80
Rack: iDR48 / iDR16
PC: Editor 1.83
iPad2: MixPad