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Hello Andy,

first of all, using DANTE for multitrack recording with iLive is a good choice. This works fine and reliable for me from early availability.

In my point of view you have to deal with two limitating factors, which is
– CPU/Memory resources of hardware vs. modern DAW software and OS demands
– USB transfer rate and HDD speed vs. channel count

New ProTools, Cubase, Nuendo -Version need WIN7 to run. But the latest Version of Reaper runs fine with WinXP, and doesnt need that much CUP/MEM resources as others do.

32+ Channels via USB2 could get a critical path if the HDD is slow (5400rpm), the HDD-controller firmware is bad, etc.

You need a minimum of 1,1MByte/s transfer rate at 24Bit/48kHz sampling rate.
USB 2.0 in theory transfers 480MBit/s = 60MByte/s, sound like it can handle 50 channel.

Long story short, USB 2.0 works fine up to 32 channels with a couple of USB2.0 external HDD’s.

For more channels check USB 3.0 or eSATA and a up to date HW.

I’m running MacBook Pro’s with external FW800 HDD’s up to 54 channels with Reaper, Nuendo/Cubase without any problems.

But Dante is great, it’s so easy to set up more PC to the network you can use as fault tolerant or hot spare recorder, playback systems, virtual sound checks,…



G√ľnter Eisbach
Darmstadt / Germany