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Thank You that is so helpful

I am pretty sure that the commands would be normal and pretty standard from most midi foot controllers.

This desk although everyone says it is well priced is alot of money for me to outlay as we have a small show but outside remote control is so important

I am just waiting so see if an ipad app will definately be on the way before I purchase
I cant afford an ipad as well as the desk but I just need to know for sure the app is on the way before I splash the cash on this desk
I Was going to order desk yesterday but waiting for that answer maybe next week now.

I am also looking at 2 other alternatives a company I just dont trust have just brought a desk out or a well known industry standard but I feel that maybe a mistake it’s so confusing the money needs to be spent right as this is a step up and a long term investment.

I will get ipad later in the year